Cancer man in Love

Well, Cancer Man, you're a hand full!

One of the brightest stars in the heavens, you either love him or hate him...depending on the woman you are and what you are looking for in a relationship. Perhaps, more than any one thing that stands out about him is his love of people, lots of people - women, for sure. He's not serious about most of them, he just likes female people. Your Cancer Man enjoys meeting them, getting to know them, spending time with them, and then, after burn-out, has a tendency to up and disappear for a time, to reflect and reconnect with himself.

He commands attention where ever he goes - there is never a lack of people who would fall at his feet, some do, actually. A born entertainer, he is fun and exciting to be around, and will expect his chosen partner to be fun, intelligent, and able to keep up with his antics.

From all indicators, many a Cancer man can be gorgeous, best dressed on the block, and his expensive sports car rivals few. He is open and wants to give to the woman of his dreams everything - committed to one woman, he will go out of his way to shower her with affection. But his sensitivity won't allow games - he doesn't play them and doesn't want you playing them either.

But, on that note, Cancer men are often seen as "Players", gregarious, fun-loving, and full of himself as the life of most parties, he goes all out to gather women into his circle. As his partner, you will often wonder if you are only another member in his crowd.

Before settling on that one special someone, his search for a soul-mate takes many paths - his amazing mood swings baffle all but the tenacious - not quick to make up his mind, he can seem to be wishy-washy - not even sure he wants to be in relationship, and then bam, he is.

When that happens, you better be ready and serious about commitment; he is so sensitive that if you disappoint him or decide to move on, he may well fall apart for months. Not to say he won't bounce back, Cancer's are resilient, they appear to be weak, but aren't. Of all the star signs, he probably knows how to take care of himself better than most and does so.

One thing that came to light, however, is the notion that if he could fall in love with himself - he would be in a perfect relationship - he enjoys his independence, won't change for anyone if he likes himself (and usually does), can entertain himself as well as others, and he will always have an audience when he's ready for one.